If you are going to be playing fantasy sports games online, you are naturally going to want to know if they are going to cost you anything, and if you can win real money when playing them. Well, given that there are three types of fantasy sports games on the net, the answer varies. In this article, we’ll attempt to peek through the haze, and explain as simply as we can, just what you can win when playing fantasy sports games.

Free play fantasy sports games
First up are fantasy sports games which don’t cost you a penny. These are often the kinds of fantasy sports games where players are required to build their “dream team”, and the results their team gets are often based on the real-life performances of players. These games are almost always free, and although a handful will allow you to win real money if you pay a small deposit at the beginning of the season, most offer you nothing but respect as winnings.

Fantasy sports games at casinos
On the other hand, casinos always offer you real money winnings. This is because online casino sites always charge you to play their games. You will need to make a deposit in order to wager on fantasy sports games at online casinos. It is only fair, then, that you can get something back for your hard earned bets. In this case, the amount you can win is usually based on the type of bet you make, and how much you have actually staked on that bet.

Fantasy sports specialist sites
Then, we have fantasy sports specialist websites. These domains do nothing but offer you fantasy sports games. Some of them are free to play, and are played just for fun - in short, no money. Some of them are a lot more professional, and these are the biggest fantasy sports sites around. They will charge you to play, but their extended, and complex competitions are the most fun to play. It may be quite challenging, but yes, you can certainly win real money with these games.

There are quite a few fantasy sports games which you may wish to try your hand at online. Some of them are going to be more appealing to you than others. It really does just depend on what kinds of sports you prefer. The more common tend to be American sports, football, and horse racing, though. It is those fantasy sports games which we are going to be focusing on in this article.

American sports
American sports attract quite a crowd in the fantasy sports betting world. The biggest of these is usually the NFL. To rookies, that is the National Football League. Some of the biggest and best fantasy sports sites offering American Football (known as Gridiron in the UK) have been critically acclaimed by major publications in the country. Other popular US fantasy sports games include basketball, and baseball. NASCAR, and hockey are also sometimes given a run for their money at fantasy sports sites. On occasion, both college and professional fantasy sports games can be played, too.

Fantasy football
Over in Europe, it tends to be fantasy football that is the most played game, although fantasy golf, motor racing, cricket and rugby games are sometimes playable at many sites. Fantasy football often involves creating your “dream team”, and competing in tournaments, and leagues. The better your team does, the more you can win. Fantasy football games which involve in betting on simulated games between original, artificial teams is also quite popular in Europe.

Fantasy horse racing
Last, but not least, is fantasy horse racing. This game is often found at sportsbooks across Europe. With it, punters can stake bets on their favourite digital horses to win races. There is no real race, of course, with the race being digitally played out via a computer simulation. These tend to be the most exciting fantasy sports games about.

DraftKings is one of the top fantasy sports websites around. This critically acclaimed website is one of the few legal fantasy sports websites which is open to players based in the United States. In fact, it positively thrives on their membership. Generally speaking, they pay out hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of each year, and their seasonal games represent some of the biggest competitions in the world of fantasy sports. DraftKings UK have recently obtained a UK Gambling Licence allowing them to open shop in the UK expanding their online presence.

A legal fantasy sports websites
The best part of it all, is that DraftKings is completely legal, even in the US and Canada. There aren’t many gambling games which are legal there, but DraftKings is. Players can select from a large number of different sporting events on a daily basis, and there are plenty of buy-in options so that you can always enjoy your fantasy sports gaming, even when it is not necessarily the season for your chosen sport. A fine example of this is the sizeable amount of NFL fans, who play at DraftKings especially in the NFL off-season.

Deposit, claim bonuses, and win
Playing at DraftKings begins when you sign up as a new player. After doing that, you need to make a deposit to fund your DraftKing activities and experience. When doing so, it is always advisable to claim a welcome bonus. DraftKings has one which can often double whatever you choose to deposit, so this should be claimed, as it will offer you a better financial position to start playing from. From there on out, it is a simple case of drafting your players and getting started.

Drafting, playing, and winning
Like most US sports, DraftKing’s fantasy sports games begin with a draft. You’ll need to draft in the players to form your team, and then scout around for a few competitions and tournaments to join. There are daily tournaments, and ones which are considerably longer for you to play, if you wish. The better your team performs in those tournaments and competitions, the more money you will win. It really is that simple. After winning, you may wish to withdraw your winnings. Doing that is a doddle, and there are plenty of banking options to help you with that.
That’s all there is to it, really. If you’re looking for the best fantasy sports betting experience around, then look no further than DraftKings.